JustCad 8.0

Point-and-click simplified CAD
10.0 (See all)

Point and click cad program pre-set toproduce a good result with little or no cad skills. Drawing Tools: Line, 2pt. Circle, 3pt. Circle, 2pt.Arc, 3pt. Arc, Ellipse, Point, Polygon, MultipleLines, Place Text, Ortho Dimension, Radial Dimension,Angular Dimension, Leader, Snap Point, Snap Object,Snap Midpoint, Snap Percentage, Snap Perpendicular,Snap Tangent, Snap Intersection, Blank Line, Confineto Angle, Associates(Pre-drawn collections of objects).Editing Tools: Object Select, Window Select(with filtering by layer, object type, line width,line type), Break, Trim, Copy, Stretch, Mirror,Radial Copy, Rotate, Concentric Copy, Scale, Erase,Change.

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